Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland took some time to show his Jackson King V to Music Radar. When a representative from Jackson called Borland and told him about some guitars he might want to check out, Borland jumped at the chance. When they opened up what they thought was a reverse Jackson King V, they discovered that it was actually a left-handed guitar. Even though Borland is right-handed, the always-quirky axeman was not discouraged.

Apparently, someone ordered this custom V, but was unhappy with the color of the guitar’s fretboard. Not being nearly as picky, Borland decided to take the guitar on as a special project. He started by taking out the electronics and covering up the cavity with two-part epoxy. Then he had to tackle the Floyd Rose tremolo system. He discovered that the bridge was actually slightly off-center to accommodate the tremolo bar. He had to route out more space to make room for the flipped-around bridge piece. Then he replaced the left-handed nut with a right-handed one.

Borland said he tried keeping the volume knob where it was, which put it at the top when playing the guitar right-handed. He had to route out another cavity for the new volume knob and electronics, and did the same with the guitar’s input jack. He used a soldering iron to burn new inlays along the top of the neck. The guitarist also pulled out the neck pickup and covered the hole with a plate.

As with all of his guitars, the Bizkit riffster replaced the strap nuts with giant steel hoops. His straps have steel spring-loaded clamps to easily switch between guitars. He said this works much better for him than conventional strap lock systems.

Borland has a regular right-handed Jackson King V, but he prefers his heavily-modded left-handed version. He said that he’s built and worked on many guitars in the past, and the more involved he is with putting the instrument together, the stronger the attachment is that he feels.

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