Fred Durst's nascent career as a director still hasn't taken full flight in the feature film world, even though he did an admirable job with the 2007 feature 'The Education of Charlie Banks.' However, directing remains an element of Durst's creative vocabulary, as he's behind the camera for Limp Bizkit's new NSFW video 'Ready to Go.'

The song, a Fred Durst collaboration with Lil' Wayne, puts the Limp Bizkit frontman in familiar territory. One of his biggest hits was a team-up with Method Man on the track 'N 2 Gether Now,' and if 'Ready to Go' doesn't reach that song's catchier than thou heights, it's at least a return to form for the rap metal outfit.

Durst and his crew are well aware that their single may also generate memories of their biggest hit 'Nookie,' and the video features them raising ruckus at stadiums, interacting with fans, and sexy, nattily dressed women stripping down to bikinis to play with water hoses. "I'm so poker faced, ladies going gaga," raps Durst, who goes on to boast he had a girl named Britney dropping down to her knees (we'll let you guess the reference).

Although Limp Bizkit are a bit older and Durst looks noticeably paunchier as he's covered in his collection of hoodies, the group's appeal has always been their no holds barred raunchiness and overconfident swagger. Their arrested development behavior as well as their pure return to their rap and rock roots is in full affect with 'Ready to Go.'

A reunion with 'Three Dollar Bill Y'All' producer Ross Robinson as well as a label change with Cash Money may signal a return to form and a reinvigorated Limp Bizkit. 'Stampede of the Disco Elephants,' the group's seventh studio album, is due out later this year.