Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth, the new album from Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland's Big Dumb Face side project, have arrived and it's one wild sleigh ride — a tour de force of musical styles, pitchshifted vocals, programmed drums and absurd lyrics.

The virtuosic guitarist teased the release last week and, for us headbangers, Christmas has come early as the 12-track record, is here for the holidays with songs ranging from getting khaki pants from grandma ("Your Grandma Got You Khaki Slacks"), a lost Santa Claus crying in the woods ("Lost in a Forest of Christmas Trees"), demonic possession of an actress ("The Possession of Leslie Bibb") and more.

And then there's "El Greco's Twisted Christmas," which kind of sounds like Mike Patton laying vocals down over a bunch of Celtic Frost riffs.

Promoting the album on Instagram, Borland wrote, "Mission statement and big dumb plug for my project BIG dumb FACE: BDF has always been about being filterless, quickly clever, fast, and most importantly dumb. Influenced by death metal, calypso, electronic, Hawaiian music and artists like Negativland, Ween, Mr. Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, John Zorn, Moist Boys, and John Wayne's Texas Funeral, I've always tried to capture the moment while incorporating field recordings and studio work in order to make records in an incredibly short amount of time while maintaining a storyline and world of characters that mostly connects but can also break its own rules."

He also revealed how quickly the whole thing came together and continued, "Outside of a few previously harvested bits and pieces, most of the [third] record was made in 3 weeks. My shortest and most inspired time frame yet on an LP... This is my outlet, it's an auditory cartoon, it's ridiculous and fun. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks for listening."

Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth is the first Big Dumb Face record since 2017's Where Is Duke Lion? He's Dead... and the second full-length to be released with Borland's guitar work in six weeks, the other being Limp Bizkit's Still Sucks, which came out on Halloween.

Listen to the new Big Dumb Face album in the video playlist directly below and view the artwork and track listing further below. And follow Loudwire's 'Heavy Holiday Songs' playlist on Spotify for over 100 hard 'n' heavy songs for the holiday season.

Big Dumb Face, Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth — Album Playlist

Big Dumb Face, Christmas In the Cave of Dagoth Album Art + Track Listing

Big Dumb Face, 'Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth'
Flying Head Music

01. "Your Grandma Got You Khaki Slacks"
02. "Avoiding The Cyclops"
03. "Some People Say"
04. "Christmas In The Cave Of Dagoth"
05. "Thundertusk"
06. "This Holiday Season"
07. "The Possession Of Leslie Bibb"
08. "It’s Christmas"
09. "Lost In A Forest Of Christmas Trees"
10. "El Greco’s Twisted Christmas"
11. "My Christmas Heart"
12. "The Necrotic Feast"

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