Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has revealed that a new album from his Big Dumb Face project, an apparently holiday-themed collection called Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth, is coming shortly.

Big Dumb Face, Borland's comical experimental rock outfit with his brother Scott Borland, haven't released an album since Where Is Duke Lion? He's Dead… in 2017. That effort arrived 16 years after their debut, 2001's Duke Lion Fights the Terror!! Another one of Borland's side projects, Eat the Day, last year shared their previously unheard demos recorded in 2002.

See the album artwork and tracklisting for Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth toward the bottom of this post.

Announcing the new album this week (Dec. 8), Borland said, "Duke Lion has been resurrected!! Sort of… he's got the Burning Blood Red Head on Fire for a melon. How did this happen? BIG dumb FACE — 'Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth' dropping any day now!"

With Limp Bizkit, the guitarist in October released STILL SUCKS, the Fred Durst-led rap-rock act's first LP in a decade. It arrived amid a renewed surge in popularity for the group after their Lollapalooza 2021 set and Durst's "Dad Vibes" makeover. And though Borland's been in and out of the band in the past, he recently discussed his now steady relationship with the singer.

"He and I get along great," Borland explained. "We've had a tumultuous relationship over the years, but it just took some time for us to grow up as people. … It's like being in a family, and families don't always get along. But you're stuck together, so you gotta work it out."

Big Dumb Face's Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth is expected to arrive before Dec. 25.

Big Dumb Face, Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth Artwork + Tracklist

1. "Your Grandma Got You Khaki Slacks"
2. "Avoiding the Cyclops"
3. "Some People Say"
4. "Christmas in the Cave of Dagoth"
5. "Thundertusk"
6. "This Holiday Season"
7. "The Possession of Leslie Bibb"
8. "It’s Christmas"
9. "Lost in a Forest of Christmas Trees"
10. "El Greco’s Twisted Christmas"
11. "My Christmas Heart"
12. "The Necrotic Feast"

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