The Last Vegas

Christmas is just a few days away, so what's a busy rock band to do? Stop touring for the holidays or press ahead? If you're the Last Vegas, you press ahead and you do Christmas when you can, on your terms.

"The last couple of the years I've been busy and on the road, and I haven't had too much time to see my family," admits Last Vegas singer Chad Cherry to Noisecreep. "Usually after a tour or something, I'll do a late Christmas. I'm not gung-ho about it. My favorite holiday is Halloween. If Christmas had jack-o'-laterns and costumes, I'd get into it better than a fat guy with a beard that makes me spend all my money on Hallmark gifts for people that don't deserve them!"

These days, members of the Last Vegas split their time between their home base of Chicago and the musical hotbed of Los Angeles. Commuting cross-country between the studio, home and constant touring means the band is together -- a lot. All this togetherness doesn't leave Cherry in the most giving spirit. He said, "We're together nonstop and it's a constant thing, so it's not really like, 'Oh, I was thinking about you and I got this.' It's more like, 'I'm always thinking about you, because you're sitting next to me every day and you're on stage with me every day!'"

So while the Last Vegas won't be exchanging a pile of goodies of Christmas morning, that doesn't mean the love and mutual respect isn't there.

"We're all pretty civil with each other," Cherry continues. "I think a lot of bands can implode with egos and drugs, alcohol, girls, whatever. I think we're pretty decent and we look at the big picture, and we don't let the smaller stuff get in our way. We're here for rock 'n' roll and not to be drama queens with each other."

The Last Vegas single 'I'm Bad' was recently voted the number one rock song of the year by iTunes music critics.

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