The Last Vegas

The Last Vegas, a mix of glam, trash and thrash from Chicago, just topped the iTunes 2009 Rock Singles of the Year List for their hard-driving 'I'm Bad.'

'I'm Bad' was recorded in a rushed weekend after the Last Vegas won the Make Rock History Contest. In addition to a ton of new gear and a recording contract, the band got to open for Mötley Crüe. Winning the grand prize meant a whirlwind 2009 for the members of the Last Vegas -- even the guys in the band can't believe their rise to fame!

"It's pretty impressive," says Last Vegas vocalist Chad Cherry of the iTunes list. "It's awesome that people are digging rock 'n' roll music instead of really bad, terrible pop music I guess. That makes me happy."

Happy yes for the band members, but maybe not surprising to critics. The five guys that comprise The Last Vegas wear rock on their collective sleeves. Putting it all out there night after night usually creates an interesting show. Some would even call it a spectacle.

"I don't think there's a whole lot of bands that are doing the kind of stuff that we're doing right now. I really don't think there's been bands that play guitar solos and have drum solos, and it's kind of like arena rock -- punk rock, glam rock, arena rock," continues Cherry. "You gotta put some kind of label on it, and then people will think, '80s! Big hair!' I'm sure we have a little of that inside of us. We grew up on big classic rock bands. I grew up on the Doors, Stooges and Mötley Crüe and all that stuff. Our music isn't safe by any means at all. I think it's cool. People are ready for something different."

Guns N' Roses guitarist DJ Ashba collaborated with the band on 'I'm Bad.' The track is featured on 'Whatever Gets You Off.' The Last Vegas is currently on tour with Smile Empty Soul and Burn Halo.

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