The apocalypse is nigh for Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. Adler, who will hit the road as part of Mayhem Fest 2010 later this summer, and producer Josh Wilbur, who has twiddled the knobs for everyone from Atreyu to Avenged Sevenfold, have joined forces to produce the next album for This or the Apocalypse, due out through the newly-launched Good Fight Music this Spring.

In a statement, the heavily-bearded Adler was stoked about his foray behind the boards, saying, "I've been wanting to produce a band other than my own for a while now, but never found one that inspired me quite enough to jump in. It's an exhaustive process to commit your creativity and focus to someone else. Most bands that are noticed today do one thing really well, or are known for a particular direction. Few combine as many elements as seamlessly as This or The Apocalypse."

Lamb of God will spend their summer touring on Mayhem Fest 2010. This or The Apocalypse, who were signed to Lifeforce, released 'Monuments' in Fall 2007. They've been known to blur the lines between hardcore and metal. TOTA vocalist was ecstatic about having Adler on the team and said in the same statement, "Normally when you meet people in Adler's position, the last thing on their mind is finding new music or even listening to it. Chris still finds the time. He's full of music and got a ton of energy; I feel like getting him into the writing/ recording process for the new album was an incredible circumstance for us. From day one we've been shooting back and forth demos, lyric sheets, home recordings of White Lion songs and developing a lot of ideas together."

White Lion songs? Come on, who doesn't love Mike Tramp's voice on 'Wait' and 'When the Children Cry'?

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