This or the Apocalypse, ‘In Wolves’ (Exclusive Lyric Video Premiere)
The Lancaster, Pa. metallic assassins known as This or the Apocalypse are gearing up for the release of Dead Years, their highly anticipated third album. "The album features both some of the saddest, most melodic songs we've ever played and it also holds some of the angriest," says vocalist Ricky Armellino about the new material, which was produced by Kevin Lankford and Andreas Magnusson
Circle of Contempt Heading Stateside for Over the Limit Tour
Finnish metal mavens Circle of Contempt will hit U.S. shores as part of the Over the Limit Tour with As Blood Runs Black, Oceano, Arsonists Get All the Girls, Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza, Thick as Blood, Burning the Masses and Blind Witness, with This or the Apocalypse and Son of Aurelius on select dates...
This or the Apocalypse, ‘Subverse’ — Killer Song Lyrics
Killer Lyrics: I see the hurt wolf covered in insects / Just pray our ghosts will learn to forget / I'm putting up the fight of my life Lancaster, Pa. metalcore band This or the Apocalypse just released 'Haunt What's Left' on the Good Fight Music label, and like any good metal band, vocalist Rick Armellino grabbed inspiration from a very old and very metal source for the song 'Subverse... Read Mo
This or the Apocalypse, ‘Charmer’ — New Song
This or the Apocalypse have posted the brand new song, 'Charmer.' It's a tense, urgent slab of noisy and moshy metal that will hand your ass to you on a paper plate -- so clench up! 'Charmer' appears on 'Haunt What's Left,' which is due out June 22 on Lifeforce...
Hung Play Showcase at New York’s Ace of Clubs
New York City-based metal band Hung aren't like any other heavy metal band you've seen recently. Seriously. The band traffics in death metal and employs a female, Asian violinist. My first reaction during their show at New York's Ace of Clubs was "WTF...
Lamb of God Drummer to Produce This or The Apocalypse Record
The apocalypse is nigh for Lamb of God drummer Chris Adler. Adler, who will hit the road as part of Mayhem Fest 2010 later this summer, and producer Josh Wilbur, who has twiddled the knobs for everyone from Atreyu to Avenged Sevenfold, have joined forces to produce the next album for This or the Apocalypse, due out through the newly-launched Good Fight Music this Spring...

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