Falling somewhere in the cracks between dirty Southern sludge and angular, aggressive noise rock, San Francisco's Kowloon Walled City know how to lay down a riff. The band's debut full-length, 'Gambling on the Richter Scale,' was recently released on tiny indie label Perpetual Motion Machine.

Embracing, rather than fighting, the increasing mainstream acceptance of free or cheap digital music, the band and label have made the entire album available for free download. Which seems to make good business sense -- if a business wants people to purchase their product, free samples have long been an effective way to lure in customers. Especially if the product is of high quality, and 'Gambling' certainly is.

'Gambling on the Richter Scale' is available on LP/CD from the Perpetual Motion Machine. The band currently has a handful of dates scheduled, all of them on the West Coast.

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