On July 19th, Southern California rap-rockers Kottonmouth Kings will be unleashing 'Sunrise Sessions,' their 12th studio album. The band defines the 'DIY' lifestyle to the max. Not only do they own their label [Suburban Noize], they also run a successful merchandising business and self-book their countless sold-out headlining tours. Noisecreep has the world premiere of 'Love Lost,' the first video from the forthcoming album.

It's a classic song about exactly what the hook states, love lost," says Kottonmouth Kings frontman The Dirtball. "Love is an emotion that most all humans deal with on all levels, including the loss of. A large part of the hook not only focuses on the love lost, but bucking up after it occurs, and dealing with it. It's more about the standing back up and becoming strong on your own. In this lifetime, we love, we win, and we lose -- not always in that order. Of all the emotions we go through as people, love is the most intense and hard to understand, so hopefully this song can smack ya back to reality, and become your comeback battle song!"

Watch 'Love Lost' from Kottonmouth Kings

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'Sunrise Sessions' find the band experimenting with some new elements including dubstep. Noisecreep asked The Dirtball what brought on the changes. "I think it did it all on its own. You know, dubstep has been a bubbling discussion for a few years now and a lot of MC's are doing it in other countries. It is definitely a dope trend of a sound. It has a lot of cut-tempo, half-time phrasing, that allows the MC to either dance on top, or really twist throughout. To me, it's almost like an organic house or techno, but with sick kick patterns. It's difficult to describe, but it definitely puts you on another planet! I absolutely love to lay patterns out to dubstep tracks. It is where my raps feel at home," exclaims the vocalist.

The Dirtball is excited about adding 'Sunrise Session' to the already extensive Kottonmouth Kings discography. "This is the kind of record you can not only put on in the morning to start your day off in a nice palatable way, but also the kind you can turn up loudly to really sooth the soul. It actually transcends some musical boundaries with a lot of newer sounds and experimental tracks involved. All in all, it's a collection of very good songs. These are songs that you WANT to turn up and share. Good Times, Good vibes, Positive energies. I feel that our album catalog needs this type of record, rounding out the wheel of sounds even more than it already is."