Suburban Noize

It's 4/20 today and we all know what that means; it's time to strike up the bong, crack open a bag of Dorito's and indulge in your favorite pot flick. We asked stoner legends and official 4/20 flag-bearers the Kottonmouth Kings to weigh in on the best ganja cinema of all time. So whether you're flocking to Haight-Ashbury as we speak, or simply enjoying the holiday from the comfort of your own home, here is a list of Brad X and The Dirtball's top stoner movies to celebrate this holiest of days.

Tamra Davis (1998)
"How can this not go on the list?! Dave Chapelle is funny as hell in this flick. This is as in-your-face as a pot comedy than you can get. It's the classic pot story that we all know too well (laughs)." - The Dirtball
Half Baked
David Gordon Green (2008)
"The first hour of this movie made you feel like it was on its way to becoming a stoner classic, but it took an usual turn. All of a sudden, it turned into to a wacky action movie, but it still should have received higher praise than it did." - Brad X
Pineapple Express
Jesse Dylan (2001)
"I gotta represent Method Man and Redman on this list! I think I like this movie because I get to hear those dudes the entire time. The stuff they captured during the smoking parts ain't far from reality (laughs). There isn't a lot to the actual plot, but like I said, I enjoyed just watching two people I look up to in rap do a stoner comedy! 'How High' is a certified classic." - The Dirtball
How High
Joel Coen, Ethan Coen (1998)
"I'm super into how the subliminal nature of Bridges' pot smoking played in this movie. Just knowing that weed is being smoked the entire time and that a stoned layer is applied to the feel of the the movie is a plus for me. While I also enjoy a more straight-forward stoner comedy, this one is more my style." - The Dirtball
The Big Lebowski
F. Gary Gray (1995)
"Of course 'Friday' goes down as my favorite. You can never watch this one enough. Ice Cube is just classic in this. I like it because it adds that 'Boyz n the Hood' vibe to the comedic nature of the plot. Having both Cube and Chris Tucker in the film made it comedic gold. I'd gladly spark huge joints and watch this all the time! 'Friday' is a must-own." - The Dirtball
Louis Gasnier (1936)
"I remember watching this in 5th grade and being damn-near freaked out! Then every few years I would go back and watch it again. Since then, it's become a comedy to me. I have purchased a few different copies of it throughout the last couple of decades. It really shows how far we have come with our judgments of marijuana." - The Dirtball
Reefer Madness
"Here's an early stoner classic. Cheech and Chong were pioneers to the entire movement. They get our respect for how far they pushed the boundaries for the stoner film genre." - Brad X
Cheech & Chong's Up in Smoke
James Cameron (2009)
"I chose 'Avatar' because I saw it in a movie theater baked out of my mind. It was an amazing journey!" - Brad X

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