Kiss lead guitarist and modern-day "Spaceman" Tommy Thayer recently fielded questions submitted by fans through Guitar World's website. Thayer's candid responses reveal what it's like being in the legendary group, as well as his excitement with achieving a life-long dream of having a signature guitar.

Finished in a KISS-approved gleaming silver sparkle, Thayer's Epiphone "Spaceman" Les Paul represents a labor of love for the veteran guitarist. The axeman says, "It's something that I've dreamt about since I was a kid. I put my heart and soul into it and made it something that I'm very proud of." The guitar is closely modeled after Thayer's Gibson Custom Shop models, sharing the same silver sparkle top, black sides and back, Grover Deluxe tuners, and Gibson USA 498 humbuckers that are included in the guitarist's main instruments of destruction. The Epiphone version also features a maple-topped mahogany body with a set neck, which is the same recipe that Gibson has been using to build their USA models since the early '50s.

The decision to partner with Epiphone was made by Thayer himself, mainly because he was aware that most players don't have several thousand dollars handy to drop on a GIbson Custom Shop model. That being said, Thayer didn't want to shortchange potential buyers by cutting too many corners, so Epiphone included a gorgeous silver hardshell case and custom studded guitar strap with every model, giving the guitar a bit of added flash and flair.

Thayer also mentions that he's quite proud of the guitar's craftsmanship, noting, "I started using it on our South American tour. I literally took one out of the box, and my guitar tech and I set it up. That goes to show the quality of the guitar. I can take it right out of the box and straight to the stage."

If you're interested in picking up one of Thayer's signature Epiphone guitars, they're currently available at select local and online dealers. You'll need to act quickly though, since Epiphone has produced them in a limited quantity of 1,000 pieces. For more info about the guitar, check out the official website for high quality photos, video, specs and more.

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