Andy Rehfeldt has made a name for himself by remixing popular songs, giving them a new twist. One of his recent efforts involved revamping Justin Timberlake’s live performance of his new single, ‘Suit and Tie,' and giving a decidedly metal revision.

Rehfeldt played all the instruments on the new, exceedingly heavy version of Timberlake’s dance song. Rehfeldt did an excellent job of making the metal backing fit seamlessly with Timberlake’s dance routine.

The song gets especially heavy during the breakdown, complete with audience members bobbing their heads along to the beat. The track ends with a breakdown that flows right into a scorching double-time outro. Rehfeldt even played a blistering solo at the end. All of the elements fit together so well that an actual, real-life performance of this version seems like a great idea, and one might wonder why Timberlake doesn’t do it.

This isn’t the first time Rehfeldt has put some metal into pop songs. He gave the same treatment to Ke$ha’s ‘Die Young.’ He also put some Iron Maiden-esque riffs to Elvis Presley’s ‘Blue Suede Shoes.’

Metal bands don’t escape his treatment. He’s done a wide assortment of “Radio Disney” versions of metal songs. The best one of these might be his remake of Cannibal Corpse’s ‘Hammer Smashed Face.’ He made the brutal, distorted guitars twangy and clean, and he replaced the growling vocals with happy, melodic singing. He didn’t change the words, though, so the story of smashing someone’s head in with a mallet stands in stark contrast to the happy-go-lucky music.

The mix master also takes other metal songs and jazzes them up. Songs like his “Less Angry Version” of Rage Against the Machine’s ‘Killing in the Name of’ and his “Smooth Jazz Version” of Lamb of God’s ‘Set to Fail’ might be right at home inside a dentist’s office.

To check out all of Rehfeldt’s video remixes, check out his YouTube channel.