Okay, okay, okay... we know ska doesn't go very far with metalheads, but the enthusiasm that emanates from the genre can find common ground with metal at least in that facet. Besides, this Andy Rehfeldt mash-up fusing ska and Ozzy Osbourne's "Over the Mountain" is brilliant and his history of transforming metal classics into something completely out of left field has become commonplace.

While Rehfeldt's 'Radio Disney' inspired metal spinoffs are routinely hilarious, he gives this Ozzy classic a different, yet still uplifting makeover. The footage is taken from the US Festival in 1983, which also featured Motley Crue, Quiet Riot, Judas Priest, Triumph and Van Halen. Opening with the Prince of Darkness pacing onstage with his voice overdubbed in a caricatured style. With upward picking and synthesizers dominating the sound, the original vocal take is left in tact, furthering the humor.

This isn't the first time Rehfeldt has played around with Ozzy's music having previously done smooth jazz versions of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" and "Paranoid." All these interpretations are an interesting look at how the same song can be interpreted in so many different styles and still have a solid overall impact.

Black Sabbath are currently in the midst of their farewell tour, and the icon has previously revealed he intends on hitting the studio for a new solo record. Epic Records President Sylvia Rhone stated, “It’s going to be amazing, it’s something Ozzy has never done before that he’s always wanted to do.”

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