Jag Panzer manufacture soaring, bold power metal that could have been used to incite medieval warriors into battle -- had the genre existed centuries ago, of course -- thanks to their throwback vibe. Noisecreep is pleased to premiere the track 'Overlord' from the 'The Scourge of Light' album.

It's a battle hymn, stuffed to the rafters with high-pitched vocals that could hit mountaintops and noodly guitar solos. It's true power metal that has a lot in common with Judas Priest, and the Colorado band took the writing process for this anthem very seriously.

Listen to 'Overlord'

"'Overlord' is what we call an old-school track," guitarist Mark Briody told Noisecreep. "We wanted something with a great singalong chorus, but that doesn't sacrifice any heaviness. This song took several rewrites to get it right."

Jag Panzer's 'The Scourge of Light' is out March 8. Be sure to listen to 'Overlord' far away from mirrors or glass valuables, because they will shatter.