The sirens have been silenced, as power metal warriors Jag Panzer, who had more in common with Judas Priest than band initials, have split in the wake of guitarist Christian Lasegue exiting the band to pursue a college degree. Even though the band found someone quite capable to replace Lasegue in the form of 19-year-old virtuoso Jake Dreyer, things are not moving forward with the band as a whole and they are splitting. That's not to suggest that Lasegue's exit caused the band to crumble; the band is deciding that now is the right time to close the file on Jag Panzer.

Guitarist/founder Mark Briody said in the following in a statement: "We are proud of every album we released and the support we've received from the heavy metal community. We've played so many places around the world and enjoyed every minute of it but the time has come where we just cannot move forward as a band."

'Scourge of the Light,' the band's latest album, which landed in March, will serve as Jag Panzer's final effort. That is, until the reunion tour and album, since you never know. The combo formed way back in 1981.

Watch 'Burn' from Jag Panzer


We wish the members of Jag Panzer all the best and will always remember their power metal legacy.