Get out your party hats! Vocalist Leviathan Thisiren -- Harry Conklin on all legal documents -- has returned to the Satan's Host fold. Thisiren, who also handles vocals for Colorado power metallions Jag Panzer, is rejoining the band for good. "This is going to be a permanent arrangement," the metallically-named guitarist and founder Patrick Evil told Noisecreep. "We wanted to do this for many years, and the timing was right. We never wanted to do 'just a reunion.' We wanted to do 'a revival' and finish what we started many years ago!"

Furthermore, P. Evil said, "Now, Satan's Host can reach deeper into the masses and bring a truly dark element so many bands lack. Together, as we set these flames burning, we want to take the music to where no one has been before: adrift into the unknown, to forge new paths for others to follow."

Satan's Host developed a cult following after 1986's 'Metal From Hell,' as well as the 1987, bootlegged-and-unreleased 'Midnight Wind.' The Host are currently in pre-production mode for an upcoming album featuring Thisiren on vox. They will enter Flatline Audio with Dave Otero in July. Moribund Records will release the record later this year.

Reunions always have their time and place and 'right now' was fitting for Satan's Host, because "I started to feel we had reached a point with Satan's Host that I felt we could not go any farther without repeating the same message over and over," Patrick said. "I have such a passion for this music that I'm always inventing new sounds with the group.

"I started this band and felt misplaced without my voice being heard in the lyrics and message. I wanted to get back to where I started and the feeling of euphoria I had when the band started. Metal has gone stale for years and I feel Satan's Host can bring a new fire for the fans and the masses worldwide. So unto this I salute everyone who has supported the band."

The band is planning a U.S. tour in support of the new album, where, as Patrick says, "Satan's Host will be pounding metal from hell across the world. Hail to all the metal warriors."