It's Casual

Most videos have the typical business agreement and path of treatments and recommendations to get made, but not 'The New Los Angles' video from It's Casual. That video came through friendship and chance meetings over coffee. "I knew him six months before I knew he was a video director or he knew I worked at Southern Lord," Eddie Solis recalled to Noisecreep about working with director Roboshobo. "It was a real friendship that started to bloom without any of the music industry nepotisms."

The two met at a local coffee shop and began connecting on the similar passions of Black Flag and skateboarding. Then one day, Roboshobo -- which is not his real name but his director name (it's fun to say so we're going to keep with it) -- showed up at the Southern Lord Records office, neither were aware of their music-related jobs. A synchronicity began as Roboshobo had just been picked to direct the then-new Mastodon single 'Sleeping Giant,' and the duo of It's Casual were prepping to do some upcoming shows opening for the colossal metal band.

"Fast forward four months," Solis set the stage. "He comes in and says, 'I love editing while I listen to 'The New Los Angeles.' It keeps me pumped up." Seizing the moment, Solis asked the director if he knew anyone who would be able to direct a video for the album's title track on the cheap. Roboshobo said not to worry, grabbing the chance to put the band to film capturing their intensity set to the backdrop of a wall of sweating amps.

Having the video come together like this is not out of the norm for Solis. For him, underground music has always been about the connection and being where you want to be, and this is how he even does things at his day job as the general manager at Southern Lord. "I talk to all my stores two to four times a week via e-mail and phone," he admitted, adding how he helps the stores any way he can. "No one is really doing that anymore, at least that's what they tell me. I like to get the ball rolling and pick up a phone and put some love and energy into it."

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