Since their 2004 inception, Icarus Witch have fostered a singular and noble goal: to create and produce metal in the tradition of the masters and carry the torch for a new generation as part of a new wave of traditional metal. The band's most recent slab of NWOTM is 'Draw Down the Moon,' which has been out since February. What's old is new again, with traditional metal continuing to turn heads. Icarus Witch are pleased to wave the flag of classic metal high and proud.

"NWOTM is a sign that there are people from different generations rediscovering the pleasures of classic metal in its purest form," bassist Jason Myers told Noisecreep. "When Icarus Witch formed, there were only a handful of bands playing our style. It was unfashionable, to say the least. The fact that you now see groups like Airborne, Wolf, White Wizzard, Cauldron, Eclipse and Holy Grail gaining international acclaim proves this scene has legs."

He continued, "Though we're different stylistically, I don't mind being included in that scene. We're all doing what we're passionate about ... keeping it true. Since the trend has come to us, rather than us jumping on any bandwagon, we'll outlive any perceived fad status. We're in this for the love of true metal. Any accolades acquired along the way are simply icing on the cake, allowing us to focus on this as a career choice."

Since fashion and accessories are such a part of music scenes in 2010, Myers -- a high priest in a traditional witchcraft coven and freelance writing coordinator for an Internet start up -- pointed out that "lately, we've been noticing a lot more kids who get into scene as a whole, in terms of music and fashion" and that anyone sporting "bullet belts, patch vests and the occasional spandex to go with the love of vintage guitar harmonies siren wails" will find themselves magnetically attracted to Icarus Witch.

These new wave metalloids wrapped a tour with Y&T this summer, and they cop to loving every nanosecond of life on the road. "We're road dogs that never want to leave a tour," Myers said. "As we get more label and fan support, we're willing to stay out on tour indefinitely and see the world one truck stop, one stage at a time."

They plan to record some fresh tunes written with their current lineup imminently. Myers said that new singer Christopher Shaner has "passed the test of singing Matthew's songs. But we're more anxious to show the world where we are headed creatively and how his voice will bring a new dimension to the music. We have also returned to a dual-guitar lineup to create those sweet harmonies and rhythms we've been missing."

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