I, The Breather pop their video cherry with 'Forgiven,' which is much more than your average clip of a metal band knuckling down on their helpless instruments while being filmed. Thanks to the tight camera angles and frenetic closeup shots of the Christian metal band as they perform, with singer Shawn Spann's cross-shaped neck tattoo coming into focus, the video's urgent visuals rattle your cage and knock your equilibrium off balance.

"Our video shoot with director Chris Rodriguez and the Foto Finish crew went amazing," drummer Morgan Wright told Noisecreep about the band's first time. "Chris is a great director; he and the crew captured so many great shots and a highly-energized video. This was our first music video, and the director and crew made it such a fun easy-going process."


Wright also revealed how the band and crew captured that intimate vibe by using a "cool camera called the 'doggy cam,' which captures video in an action standpoint that is really up close and personal. That camera is featured on multiple drum shots and vocal shots. As a performance video, this video holds your attention the whole way through. From the coloring of the video and all the different camera work used, the video is everything we set out to do. It's action packed."

It's potent enough to make you want to start a mosh pit in your living room. This video is the perfect example of simple but effective.

'Forgiven' appears on the Baltimore band's Sumerian debut, 'These Are My Sins,' which I, the Breather are supporting while on tour with As Blood Runs Black. "Our CD is in stores everywhere now! Please pick up a copy. Come to a show grab a copy, meet us, get a poster, a picture, and an autograph," Wright said. "We love interacting with our fans. I would like this new CD to be an inspiration to people; if you're struggling with your faith or need answers, this can help you find what you've been looking for. Please help us out and we hope to see you all soon."