I the Breather just released their video for "False Profit," a track off their recent album, Truth and Purpose. Morgan Wright (drums) states: "Our objective with this clip was to create a dark and edgy video. It's very different from our last video. That was more of a straight up performance based video capturing the band in a live element. This video allowed us to use props, add in some acting and have a legit concept. When it came to acting, Shawn (vocals) stepped it up and took on the task of the protagonist.

"The thing that stands out most in this video is the massive python we used. The overall theme is Shawn representing God and the serpent representing the devil. The scenario portrays God rising up and taking on the false prophecy of the devil. A false prophet is someone who will arise to sway mankind into idolatry. We are very proud of this video and hope you enjoy it."

Check out the video for "False Profit" below.

Watch I the Breather's "False Profit" Video

I the Breather's Truth and Purpose is out now via Sumerian Records.