In another piece of news that sounds at once outlandish and also weirdly appropriate: Hulk Hogan once almost joined an early version of Metallica.The WWF/WWE living legend and star of '3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain' apparently found work as a session musician before becoming the Super Destroyer and between Hogan and Metallica there is a shared affinity for handlebar mustaches.

"I used to be a session musician before I was a wrestler," Hogan told the Sun. "I played bass guitar. I was big pals with Lars Ulrich and he asked me if I wanted to play bass with Metallica in their early days but it didn't work out."

Slightly harder to digest is Hogan's love of the Stone Roses, which he also confessed. "I love the Stone Roses," he exclaimed. "They're getting back together, right? That's cool man. I used to work out to some of their songs." Apparently working out to 'She Bangs the Drums' will get you extra-ripped.

So, Hulk Hogan: Music Lover? Yes, but his love does not extend to Kasabian, who reportedly use his name as an alias to check into hotel rooms under. "I heard about these guys," he said. "They have made a show about UK wrestling in the 80s, called 'Walk Like A Panther'. I know Rollerball Rocco, he's in it. He's my guy. I'll be his tag partner and sort them out for trashing hotel rooms under my name." If I were Kasabian I would stop immediately.

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