Hulk Hogan has done well to make known his love of music. Despite being a world famous professional wrestler, the Hulk has made it crystal clear that he would put his career on hold to rock his first love--bass guitar. Yet despite being snubbed by both Metallica and the Rolling Stones, Mr. Hogan has kept his musical dream alive.

Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal swooped by the most recent webisode of "Challenge Hulk Hogan," prompting the massive platinum-haired behemoth to make up a song on the spot.

"Ok brother," said the Hulk, accepting the guitarist's challenge. "I've been around the musical business a little bit here and there, but that was many many, moons ago. Let me see if I can wipe the cobwebs out here, the brain that's been hit in the head with twenty million thousand steel chairs."

Hulk Hogan recovered from his moment of complete mathematical incompetence with grace, requesting musical backing from Bumblefoot with the manner of a studied professional. "Give me a 1-3-5 standard three chord progression," he demanded in the tone of a doctor asking for a scalpel.

Hogan proceeded to improvise a song that heavily referenced Visalus protein shake, his distaste for steel chairs, and revealed that he was born "with a a protein shake in one hand and a cookie in the other." Check out what the world would be like if Hulk Hogan had decided to shred bass instead of shredding other humans.

Watch Bumblefoot Challenge Hulk Hogan

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