"We let ourselves get really creative and weird with this one, yet somehow all the songs are more catchy than anything we have done before," HORSE the Band guitarist David Isen told Noisecreep about his band's upcoming fourth album, 'Desperate Living.'

'Desperate Living' marks the So Cal band's first effort for new label Vagrant Records, which is slated for a summer release. HTB are known for their outrageous and obnoxious sense of humor and for their convention f*cking musical undertakings, which are inspired by video games and dubbed "Nintendo-core." The band entered Los Angeles' White Buffalo Studios last week and the fearsome foursome is currently recording with producer Noah Shain.

"After we record each part, we A/B the recording against Slipknot's first record to make sure that it lives up to our high standards of brutality," Isen continued. "Noah's studio has become a magical haven of uninhibited creation and destruction blessed with the unstable spirit of adventure. We all feel like we've got something special here." HORSE the Band is also dragging singer/guitarist/programmer Jamie Stewart of experimental indie band Xiu Xiu along for the ride, asking for his assistance in creating sounds like dying robots, exploding keyboards, dream laughs and melted flutes of redemption! Melted... flutes... of... redemption? Expect nothing less than complete and utter, eyebrow raising chaos when it comes to HORSE the Band.