Holy Grail are ushering in a classic metal sound with a thoroughly modern blend. Their debut, 'Crisis in Utopia,' is out Oct. 26 through Prosthetic Records. Holy Grail vocalist James Paul Luna spoke to Noisecreep about the album and its smart, literarily-referenced title, giving us some insight into the album's bleakly apocalyptic vibe.

"The title 'Crisis in Utopia' was originally drawn from a 1940s sci-fi novel by Norman L. Knight," he revealed. "I came across it while I was going through a lyrical brainstorming session of old sci-fi mags. There were a few others I was really drawn to, but 'Crisis ...' really meant something to me. I saw it as an open canvas which could lend itself to multiple meanings. I revamped the story in our version as a post-apocalyptic/end of the world theme where humans die off and genetics experiments and parasites rise above as the next earthlings."

Furthermore, the title "Crisis in Utopia" is an idea relates back to the band members' upbringing amid the City of Angels. "The album title also lends itself to growing up in Los Angeles and living with all the Hollywood BS and wondering what the perfect, glamorous, 'utopian' city would do if end times were upon us," Luna said.

Life eventually imitated art with 'Crisis in Utopia.' Luna continued, "The meaning of the album title doesn't just stop there; it even lends itself to the actual process of how the album was made. We went into the studio with the plan to knock out tracking in one month and have it mixed and mastered two weeks after that ... somehow this perfect plan became our worst nightmare."

The nightmare of recording the record manifested itself through constant stoppage and restarting of work on the album while in between touring treks. To add insult to injury, Holy Grail's producer became ill, which led to the release date for 'Crisis in Utopia' being pushed back time and time again. But that wasn't the end of the nightmare. There were technological problems, too.

"Computers crashed and files were lost, so we had to end up re-tracking parts of the album several times, followed by further delays trying to get it edited," Luna said. "All in all, I think 'Crisis in Utopia' has proved itself to be the perfect album title. But thankfully the music didn't suffer. It all somehow figured itself out in the end, and the album sounds phenomenal with catchy choruses, heavy riffs and mind-bending dual leads ... just how the metal gods intended them to be."

Holy Grail are touring with Exodus in advance of the release and soon all the world will know about "Crisis in Utopia." Dates are below.

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