HIMElizabethan poet Thomas Dekker was known for his declaration, "Oh what a heaven love is/Oh what a hell." Those outside of the academic community would be happy to credit HIM vocalist Ville Valo for coining the phrase. Lovelorn, darkly romantic and utterly gothic words and music abound -- and really, would you expect anything less? -- on HIM's latest, 'Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice,' which hits the streets on Feb. 9.

Check out these exclusive, black and white video clips of Valo -- who is looking rather boyish these days and surrounded by oh-so-appropriate candles -- as he expounds upon what went into these torn, tortured and melodically memorable tracks. Be sure and check out the commentary for 'Scared to Death,' as Valo calls it the most direct pop song they've ever written, and reveals that he's scared to fall in love and scared to say "I love you."

Listen to 'Disarm Me'


Listen to 'Scared to Death'


'Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice' will be out Feb. 9 from Sire.

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