HIM aren't the type of band to look at life through charcoal-colored glasses. In fact, HIM-approved specs are pitch black, you can't see out of them and they are cracked right down the middle, further obscuring your vision and that's just how they like it. In its new video for the 'Tears on Tape' track 'Into the Night,' the band takes back the night, which is fitting for these nocturnal creatures who are also Finnish musicians.

The video centers on the pale face and kohl-rimmed eyes of of singer Ville Valo, as he and his mates perform the song in the dark of night. He emotes passionately and he taps into some sort of visceral vein while performing. Everything shows in his face and in his eyes, for the HIManiacs to see.

The 'Into the Night' clip is also populated by hooded women, both young and old, and they work in concert to create a heartagram, which is HIM's famous logo and is constructed of both a heart and a pentagram. The ladies carefully place the bricks and end up with a larger-than-life heartagram.

It's a simple promo, but it reminds other children of the night out there that it's okay not only to be comfortable with the dark side, but to embrace it as opposed to avoiding it.

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