Ville Valo personally designed HIM's iconic heartagram symbol -- it meshes the heart and a pentagram and is the perfect visual representation of the band's lovelorn sound -- has enraptured the underground music scene. Fans and fellow musicians who are also fans of the band sport tattoos of the symbol, and that's something that flatters Valo incredibly. Valo himself has three heartagrams on his person, as well!

"I am always flattered to the point of blushing," Valo told Noisecreep. "It's amazing that the symbol has traveled so well. It's crazy that so many people know about it and find it interesting enough to actually put it on their skin. Back in the day, a tattoo meant commitment!" While many people can expensively and painfully remove ink that seemed like a good idea at the time, Valo is proud that so many people have fallen in love with his simple design, which speaks volumes.

Heartagram aside, HIM's deliciously melancholic pop rock has etched itself into fans' hearts. Valo has become the spokesman for the brokenhearted, and he's OK with that, too. "In essence, it's a universal thing," the singer said. "Heartbreak does touch each and every one on this earth, so it's the only logical thing to sing about. I have never been interested in religion or politics in lyrics and this is the stuff that comes out of me. Usually, if you are having a great romantic time, that's not when you're writing songs!

"You are eating ice cream and watching 'The Wire' on DVD and having a blast. It's the existential and problematic and troubled nature of figuring out your own self worth and that is way more interesting to write about. The darker stuff , when you read or to listen to it, is cathartic, like reading the Bible, for example. People want to live their pain through someone else. I don't mind it if it's me. I do that too, so what? When I have a bad day, I don't listen to 'Shiny Happy People' by REM. I listen to Black Sabbath's 'Black Sabbath.' That's my way of getting rid of the stuff that is being the pain in the ass."

HIM's latest record, which is sure to help the heartsick, is 'Screamworks: Love in Theory and Practice' and it's out Feb. 9. Just in time for Valentine's Day.

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