Heaven & Earth is a pretty ambitious moniker for a group, and one would expect big things from such a universally inclusive collective. Their second single from their new album 'Dig' is 'I Don't Know What Love Is,' and it's a power ballad that hits all the right notes. The video for the track has now arrived, giving us a wooded backdrop for the tale told.

The video cuts from grainy shots of the band performing to an adventurer in an enchanted forest, looking for the maiden of his dreams. For a moment, they lock eyes and are about to live happily ever after until she simply disappears, leaving our befuddled young man with a memento. "I used to believe in forever," belts out singer Joe Retta in a surprisingly catchy chorus as the music rolls on.

The track is an unabashed homage to an underrated rock sub-genre. Power ballads have a definite place in the lexicon of music history, and the video's intended over dramatic flair won us over.

Produced by legendary vet Dave Jenkins (Tower of Power, Metallica), 'Dig' features appearances from Howard Leese (Paul Rodgers, Heart), David Paich (Toto), and Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora. 'Dig' finds its roots in the hard rock sounds of the '70s and '80s and is viable music for fans who don't mind turning their amps up to 11.


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