Heaven and Earth may have begun as guitarist Stuart Smith's solo project, but now three albums in with a fully realized lineup, they've since become quite the impressive live band. Back in April, the group took the stage at Los Angeles' Henry Fonda Theater for a memorable record release show in honor of their 'Dig' album. Now Noisecreep is happy to bring you the exclusive video premiere of the performance of 'House of Blues' from that stellar show.

The track features some blistering guitar work by Smith, but gets its bluesy rock vibe from the powerhouse vocal delivery of frontman Joe Retta and a wicked keyboard solo from Ed Roth midway into the performance. Add in some solid low-end work from drummer Richie Onori and bassist Chuck Wright and 'House of Blues' comes off as the perfect bluesy rocker for a steamy club.

Speaking earlier this year about adding Retta to the lineup, Smith told Loudwire, "I've always loved that sort of Paul Rodgers-bluesy gospel stuff in rock and Joe's sort of right there. He was sort of just getting noticed when he was younger and then had two daughters and he left the business to raise them. And so he's sort of undiscovered even though he's been around for a while."

'House of Blues' follows in the footsteps of Heaven and Earth's previous single, 'No Money, No Love,' which also has its roots in the straight-ahead rock style of the '70s. The band's 'Dig' album, featuring 'House of Blues' and 'No Money, No Love,' is currently available via both iTunes and Amazon.

Watch Heaven and Earth's 'House of Blues' (Live)

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