Brushes are for wussies. Rollers, too. If you're a metal head, and you want your house painted with the same aggressive spirit that drives your music and lifestyle, you need to hire the three headbangers in the viral YouTube video below.

Titled "The Most Strange & Inefficient Way to Paint a Room," the clip shows three knuckleheads dipping their long hair in buckets of paint and thrashing along to a favorite metal cut. They start at a medium pace and speed up during the double-bass-kick part, spraying paint with surprising effectiveness. They quit on account of dizziness, but not before getting a good chunk of the job done. Another couple of songs, and they'll be able to call it a day.

Of course, the ceiling, floor, doors and windows will also be covered in white paint, and when the dudes head back to their van to spark a J or swill a beer or do whatever else they do to celebrate another day of proving their parents and guidance counselors wrong and actually holding down a job, they'll leave bootprints all the way down your hall and driveway.

On the bright side, they'll work for beer and pizza, so it's probably a good deal.

Watch 'Headbanging Painters'

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