It's that time of year again when we can look back on the past 12 months and remember all the fond memories of times gone by, including all the music we listened to.

While you may have already delved headlong into your Spotify Wrapped playlist or Apple Music Replay and created your very own three-day Instafest lineup based on your listening habits, YouTube Music has another gift for you to unwrap with their 2022 Recap.

Launched initially last year, the YouTube Music Recap offers a bit more than just the top artists and songs you played - naturally, being YouTube, there's a look at who's on your constant rotation of music videos too.

What's New This Year

A couple things are new this year with the YouTube Music Recap. One, it's now featured on the main YouTube app (rather than just relegated to the YouTube Music app) so more followers and subscribers can connect with your playlists.

As well, 2022 brings some new stats to marvel at, such as "top trends" or the artist you discovered earlier than other users, the "hard-to-find content" you loved most on YouTube that isn't available on other platforms and your own personalized "identity" based on your music preferences.

How To Access Your YouTube Music 2022 Recap

It's pretty easy to access the year-end results simply using your app, with the following directions from the YouTube blog:

  1. Open the YouTube app or download it from the iOS or Android store
  2. Once the app is opened, search for "2022 Recap"
  3. Your Recap playlist will pop up and you can also click on the stories banner to view your own stories from the year
  4. Share your 2022 YouTube Music Recap stories and stats on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook; all you have to do is tap the arrow at the bottom of each story
  5. If you're specifically using the YouTube Music app, you'll find shareable cards that showcase your personal top songs from each season, and you can add another special touch with images you choose from Google Photos for even more nostalgia

Below is a video explainer too. Happy 2022 soundtracking!

YouTube Music Recap 2022 Explainer Video

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