Wonder Woman 1984, the new film from DC Comics, was released on Christmas Day. It didn't take long for hardcore punk fans to point out what they viewed as a historical inaccuracy regarding a particular Cro-Mags T-shirt and the album it represented. It turns out the fans were the ones who were mistaken, as noted in a clarifying statement provided by frontman Jonathan Joseph.

The film, set in Washington D.C. in 1984, features a group of punk extras walking in one scene. Among the liberty spikes, tattered shirts and deep eye makeup are two T-shirts — a white, sleeveless Bad Brains one depicting their 1982 self-titled debut and another, a Cro-Mags shirt depicting their 1986 album, The Age of Quarrel.

Cro-Mags fans quickly jumped on what was perceived as an obvious gaffe and a basic lack of fundamental research. Viewers directed their outrage toward the film through social media before Joseph stepped in, not only confirming the historical accuracy of the flick, but revealing he's the one who gave the director, Patty Jenkins, the shirt in the first place — their friendship dates back to the '80s.

Here's a sampling of complaints issued by hardcore fans:

In a post on Instagram, Joseph provided a screenshot of the scene in question and stated he had about 20 people tell him about the supposed gaffe.

"Patty Jenkins director/writer (Monster - Wonder Woman etc.) is a good friend since the 80's [sic] — she asked me to send her a CRO-MAG shirt for the new Wonder Woman 1984 released today," he wrote.

Further clarifying, he said, "I sent her this Age of Quarrel tee-shirt [sic]. The original album (black cassette) came out in 1984. Me and Parris (guitarist) paid for the recording. His father owned a pressing plant in Nashville and pressed up the tapes. Here's some trivia too. — I got Patty her first directing gig. It was for the band LEEWAY — Three Wishes video. She went to film school in NYC but grew up in DC — is a huge @badbrainsofficial fan too!"

So, there we have it — not only is Jenkins absolved of any wrongdoing, but has certifiable hardcore punk cred, too.

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