Dutch death metal paeans God Dethroned are packing it in and going home. That's right -- the band has announced it will break up at the end of the year. There will certainly be a void in the metal world now that God Dethroned have been, er, usurped.

Frontman Henri Sattler posted the following statement about the band's split: "For a nihilist, nothing is at least something. 2011 is God Dethroned's final year in existence. We could have spent another year in a tour bus because the amount of offers was endless, but I just don't feel like touring anymore. People told me to take a break for a year or maybe two, but as I'm an 'all or nothing at all' type of person, I decided to call it quits. Not immediately, but in December of this year we will definitely play our last show. That's gonna be at the Eindhoven Metal Meeting in Holland."

He continued, "I'm very proud of what we achieved with the band, but the time has come for new challenges. I would like to thank all of our fans for their support for all these years."

Perhaps God Dethroned will be exhumed sometime down the road; perhaps not. Bon voyage for now, God Dethroned