"First of all, I never expected to play in the same band for 20 years. But being signed to an established label like Metal Blade for almost 14 years helped a lot to just focus on the music and the band," God Dethroned's Henri Sattler told Noisecreep. After 20 years of playing in the same death metal band, he says the only hardships have been lineup changes, like former drummer Roal Sanders -- who played on 'Grand Grimoire' and 'Bloody Blasphemy' -- leaving the band in 2000.

"Then, there weren't too many drummers around Holland who could play what he could," guitarist Sattler said. These days it's a different story for God Dethroned, who now have Michiel Van Der Plicht on the kit.

Two albums ago in 2009, Sattler got the inspiration to write a WWI concept album called 'Passiondale,' based on the battle of Passchendaele. I'm just a history freak in general. I also used to party a lot with former guitar player Isaac Delahaye who happens to live in a town called Ypres in Belgium," Sattler said.

Ypres, which lies in between Germany and France, was the victim of many battles during WWI. All the memorial sites and war cemeteries kicked off Sattler's desire to really study the war. That inspiration turned over into the band's most recent and 10th album 'Under the Sign of the Iron Cross.'

With all the support of the last two albums, Sattler decided to make it a "trilogy.'" But, they are not working on the band's 11th album just yet. "That would mean I would be utterly bored and have nothing to do at all, which definitely not the case," he said.

"Apart from doing a ton of interviews right now, we are also preparing ourselves for the cd presentation show on Christmas eve where we will also play with a bunch of ex GD members to celebrate our 20th anniversary."

While God Dethroned don't have plans to tour the states for their new release just yet, Sattler said, "it would be great to do if you ask me."

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