Signing with a major label is the antithesis of punk rock. However, splitting with a major label is textbook punk rock. England's nasty, gnarly punk rockers Gallows reportedly split with brief label home Warner Brothers in December 2009.

Despite ubiquitous presence in the U.K. press and a healthy American buzz, the band's last album, 'Grey Britain,' failed to connect or to find its audience, selling only 50,000 copies worldwide. While that's nothing to sneeze at for a developing, aggressive band with limited mainstream potential, Gallows were reportedly paid a million British pounds for the album. And that puts the album in a financial red zone. Or in layman's terms: It flopped for its price.

Last summer, guitarist Steph Carter told Noisecreep, "To me, being punk rock is when someone does what they want. If being punk rock is being someone who doesn't pander to others, then yeah, we are a punk rock band."