It's so easy to take the gloves off and do battle on Twitter and that's just what new Gallows frontman Wade McNeil did when he attacked Gaslight Anthem vocalist/guitarist Brian Fallon via the thumb-driven social messaging site. So why did McNeil go after Fallon via a digital means? Well, he heard the Fallon wasn't a fan of his former band Alexisonfire, so he, in turn, took a shot at Gaslight Anthem.

Guys, are we in third grade here? Really? This is akin to schoolyard nonsense, like "My dad can beat up your dad!"

McNeil dropped a tweet, which read: "Recently found out that @brianmfallon hates my old band. Luckily, @VICE summarized what I think of his." McNeil is referring to the Vice magazine article that referred to Fallon's band as the worst on earth, which is a bit harsh.

Fallon saw and thus replied to McNeil's tweets, and was clearly the bigger person here, claiming he had never even heard of Alexisonfire before. He remedied that situation by listening to the band and then paying them a compliment. He posted: "Just checked out alexisonfire...solid band. Love the Gallows! sorry but I like you. Good luck with everything!"

Fallon also said that he loves the Gallows and wished McNeil well. He even asked people to stop beating McNeil up online over his comments, writing: "Hey... leave the guy alone. He probably heard a rumor or some misquoted press. All love. Let him be, everybody's just trying to get by."

We have to say that Brian Fallon was a class act in his handling of this situation.

You can follow the entertaining exchange at Fallon's feed, which is here.

You can also follow McNeil's feed here.

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