Welsh riot starters Funeral for a Friend return with their new album, 'Welcome Home Armageddon,' on March 15, and Noisecreep is premiering the new song, 'Spinning Over the Island,' to help stoke the fires of anticipation. It's moshy metal that should make heads turn -- especially those metal fans who like FFAF's fellow countrymen, Bullet for My Valentine. 'Spinning Over the Island' is like a slam dance anthem but the infectious melodies are also omnipresent. It's a five-minute firecracker that surprises the listener at every turn. The song also makes a very poignant statement.

"Technology is cool but it's really starting to effect the way people interact with each other in the real world," vocalist Matt Davies-Kreye told Noisecreep about the song. He added "LOL, FML" for drive-the-point-home value.

Listen to 'Spinning Over the Island'

The band is now signed to Good Fight after a stint on Atlantic, but they are happy to be back in the indie label fold. Drummer Ryan Richards told Noisecreep, "We're delighted to be a part of the Good Fight family and to be back with members of the label team that gave us our first break in the United States way back around '7 Ways to Scream Your Name' and 'Casually Dressed and Deep In Conversation.'

"The love and enthusiasm the folks at Good Fight have shown us and our new record convinced us that this is the right place for us to make our return to the good shores of the good ol' US of A."

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