Freya will be touring with Thy Will Be Done and Unholy in January. January isn't always the best month for bands to hop in the van and traverse the country, due to unforgiving factors like bitter, sub-zero weather, icy roads and the fact that a lot of music fans are financially tapped after shelling out wads of cash during the holiday season, and they simply don't want to trek out into the cold for a show at this time of year. It's a brutal time to tour and Freya/Earth Crisis vocalist Karl Buechner knows this fact better than anyone, given that Earth Crisis were victims of a horrendous van crash in the spring of 1996.

When asked if he prefers to stay home when the mercury drops, Buechner laughed and told Noisecreep, "We will be fine. We'll go out and be fine. We have done it before. The spring and fall are obviously the best times of the year to tour, since you're not dealing with extreme cold or heat when loading in or out or driving, but that's that not too much of a concern anymore." Freya are certainly troopers in that respect.

The band's latest, 'All Hail the End,' is due out in -- you guessed it -- January via Victory Records, which was the longtime label home of Earth Crisis until recently.