We will rot as the sun comes up / We will rot as the sun comes over the...

It looks like the 'Twilight' franchise is seeping into the hardcore and metal scene. I don't remember the exact details of the accepted vampire canon (do they explode or melt in sunlight?), but I'm almost positive that they don't take too well to the presence of the ol' morning star. Really, though, 'December Everyday' from For The Fallen Dreams' 'Relentless' release is about something more banal. "'December Everyday' is pretty much about being a depressed adult, living in this brain-washed society," vocalist Dylan told Noisecreep.

But we can still connect it to our widow's peaked night-lovers. Have you ever seen a happy vampire? I know I haven't. Dylan backs this up: "Also, [it's about] learning to cope with everyday things while trying to make the ones close to you happy."

We can only hope that includes making virginal barmaids "happy" by sucking their neck blood and cursing them for eternity.

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