In this week's edition of new releases, the Noisecreep circus took a look back into last week to check out how metal is reacting with the masses. With a little help from our friends at Metal Insider, some great debuts were recently posted on the Billboard Top 200 Chart, including a #42 debut from Metal Blade's very own Job For A Cowboy, with 10,600 copies sold in its first week. Sumerian Records' Born Of Osiris debuted at #73 with their latest, 'A Higher Place,' while veterans Poison The Well pulled in first week sales of 2,700 with their latest for Ferret, titled 'The Tropic Rot.' What can we look for this week? Well we're glad you asked.

For The Fallen Dreams - 'Relentless' - Rise
A trip to this year's Warped Tour tipped us off to For The Fallen Dreams, who carry that special something. The metalcore outfit drop their latest effort today and it's recommended for fans of Bury Your Dead, Emmure, crazy graphic T-shirts and mesh basketball shorts.
Download 'Relentless'

The Word Alive - 'Empire' EP - Fearless
The Word Alive debuted their first EP from the same label that initially brought you The Human Abstract and this Phoenix, Ariz. sextet returns with their latest. Combining some intense technical instrumentation with high (and we mean really high) pitched screams, we can't help but wonder why Arizona bands are so good? Is there something in the water out West?
Download 'Empire'

Memphis May Fire - 'Sleepwalking' - Trustkill
Ah, the South! This Texas hardcore act comes with a better skin complexion than we do! Memphis May Fire creep out of the woodwork with guttural screams, intricate shredding and a twang added to the mix. Under the production of Casey Bates (Chiodos), the band has never strayed from their 'southern swagger,' so Maylene and the Sons of Disaster fans should certainly get into this.
Stream 'Sleepwalking'

Hands - 'Creator' - Facedown
A Fargo, N.D.-based band enjoys a moment in the spotlight this week as Facedown's Hands release their latest, with only two years of experience under their belts. What struck us on this one was the overall sound, which is ambient hardcore. Crafting this sound isn't the easiest thing in the world to accomplish, but they manage to combine both in good harmony, culling inspiration from bands like Life In Your Way and Misery Signals.
Download 'Creator'

City Of Ships - 'Look What God Did to Us' - Translation Loss
Indie label Translation Loss crashes the party this week with one of the newer additions to their impressive roster, Richmond, Va.'s City Of Ships. The album has the signature style and sound that Translation Loss has become widely recognized for and yet, they're truly like nothing we've ever heard before. That's not a bad thing in the slightest, either. This album takes a progressive route and infuses the mix with '90s alternative vocals, and the result is quite good!
Download 'Look What God Did To Us"

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