Following the release of 'In Hatred's Flame,' their 2008 debut album, death-thrash maniacs Exmortus are ready to return to the fold.

Having spent the last three years touring relentlessly throughout North America, the Whittier, Calif. combo are in fighting shape despite some lineup changes. In the spring of 2010, vocalist-guitarist Balmore departed Exmortus, but the band bounced back quickly. Guitarist Conan took over the vocal duties and the group welcomed new axeman Sean Redline.

Exmortus will return in October with their sophomore album, 'Beyond the Fall of Time.' It's easily their best collection of songs yet. Noisecreep has the world premiere of 'Crawling Chaos,' one of our favorite tracks off the record.

Listen to 'Crawling Chaos' From Exmortus

"'Crawling Chaos' is about a guy on an opium trip with hallucinations of the end of the world. It's based on a HP Lovecraft story," says Conan.

Exmortus' 'Beyond the Fall of Time' will hit stores on Oct. 4th via Heavy Artillery.

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