Top 10 New School Thrash Bands
Metal is not immune to trends, and it's had its fair share of horrid ones. Does anyone really want to revisit funk metal anytime soon? That said there are still eras in its history that can and should be kept alive. In the last few years, a new front of bands has brought back the thrash sound that first crept into the scene in the early-to-mid 1980s with bands like Testament, Anthrax and Razor...
Weekend Heavy Metal: Metallica, Underoath, Arsis
No, Mr. Hetfield (at left) isn't screaming, "It's the weekend," but we sure are. It's been a long week (we were at Facedown Fest in California just seven days ago), and it's going to get crazier (New England Hardcore and Metal Festival next weekend)...
Exmortus – ‘Triumph by Fire’ Video
Californian thrash-meisters Exmortus give us a visual taste of their live chops with some face-melting solos and thunderous drum work. They're on tour right now and planning to do some ear damage in a town near you! Download Exmortus Songs