No, Mr. Hetfield (at left) isn't screaming, "It's the weekend," but we sure are. It's been a long week (we were at Facedown Fest in California just seven days ago), and it's going to get crazier (New England Hardcore and Metal Festival next weekend). So rest up, relax, and check out some cool stuff we covered this week.

+ Metallica photos from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

+ James Malone of Arsis spoke to Noisecreep about his battle with anorexia.

+ Some amazing photos from our time at Facedown Fest.

+ Underoath's Tim McTague wasn't impressed with Angelina Jolie's performance in 'Changeling.'

+ Zao drummer Jeff Gretz told us the new album is "more melodic in some ways and heavier in others."

+ Scott Hull of Agoraphobic Nosebleed busts on some new school thrash bands.

+ VIDEOS: Dope - '6-6-sick' / Exmortus - 'Triumph by Fire'