We recently revealed that Buffalo post-hardcore groundbreakers Snapcase were reuniting to play a spate of shows in Europe and one domestically on May 8. Guitarist Frank Vicario -- who was extremely busy on the eve of the iPad launch, since he works for Apple -- took the time to give Noisecreep the lowdown on the goings on. While sadly it's not a full-fledged reunion or tour, don't despair. If planets align, we could be seeing more of Snapcase. Or not.

"As of right now, it's just some shows," Vicario told Noisecreep. "We never got the chance to do any sort of 'last hurrah' in Europe, so when this opportunity presented itself, we couldn't refuse. Also, we couldn't neglect to play in our hometown for our fans, friends and families, so we put together the Buffalo show with some old friends and new ones in hopes of making something special for everyone."

The reunion was hastened by everything simply falling into place. "We had talked about playing together in some limited capacity as far back as the benefit shows in 2007," Vicario said. "We had so much fun, playing together again without any pretense. We actually met up and jammed a number of times throughout 2009, just hanging out and having fun. We toyed with the idea of playing again, usually musing about doing a Buffalo show or being surprise guests at another show, but nothing ever came to fruition."

Earlier this year, guitarist Jon Salemi received an email from the band's European booking agent, since Snapcase had an invitation to play the Groezrock festival. "We were immediately excited, yet tentative. [Drummer] Tim [Redmond] is a school teacher, which makes it very difficult for him to get any sort of time off. The dates fell right on his spring break, so we decided to do it, as well as book a few shows in Germany to give Europe the proper send-off, albeit belated, it deserved."

Damn you, Europe! But we Americans love Snapcase, too!

There are no plans for a U.S. tour, with Vicario saying, "We're still close friends and we love the thought of playing together in any context, but with families and careers outside of playing music, it's difficult to do any substantial touring. I'm not saying something couldn't fall into place in the future. But for now, this is it."

While the band has almost a full album's worth of songs that were written before the 2005 split, there are no plans to record them or write new material. "We do love playing together, so who knows what the future may bring," Vicario admitted. "For the tour, we're concentrating on giving the fans what they want and playing the songs they're familiar with. Not to say that people wouldn't be interested in hearing new material, but with the limited amount of time we have to work with on stage and the back catalog we're pulling from, it's difficult to fit in all the standards fans want to hear, let alone worrying about fitting in new material. We'd love for folks to hear some new stuff some day, but these shows probably aren't the best vehicle for that."

Besides fixing computers for Apple, Vicario turned the former Snapcase rehearsal space into a studio and had worked with Buffalo bands until he closed up shop last summer. He plans to build a new studio shortly and enjoys the opportunity to teach young bands what he has learned through the years.

While the jury is out on the comeback beyond the "few shows," Vicario said, "We're five old friends who like playing music together, and this is an amazing gift of an opportunity we've been given to do that another time. Sorry if that's not the prophetic answer everyone is hoping for. We'll take it one day at a time and see what the future holds."

See you in Buffalo, Frank and Snapcase!

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