Swedish prog warriors Evergrey are back with a new album, the aptly-titled 'Glorious Collision.' Power riffs and soaring vocals collide on the new platter, along with a careful craftsmanship in regard to song structure. If you like Dream Theater or Nevermore, then Evergrey will be your new favorite band. That is, if they aren't already.

Noisecreep is premiering 'Leave It Behind,' the song that opens 'Glorious Collision.' It's riffy, it's proggy and it kicks a whole world of ass. It's also the poignant product of incredibly tumultuous times within the Evergrey camp, and it proves that the best art is often born from pain.

Listen to 'Leave It Behind'

"'Leave It Behind' was among the first three songs we wrote for this album," vocalist Tom Englund told Noisecreep, elaborating on the track's rocky origins. "It very much sums up what I felt back then and also represents the melancholy of the album well. With all the lineup changes and the turmoil with what was left of the band when writing this song, we didn't even know if we were going to continue. Listening to it today. I understand in a way why we kept going."

Ultimately, 'Leave It Behind' is a testament to the resilience and staying power of Evergrey.