Despite the strong party vibe of Doomriders' debut album 'Black Thunder,' not to mention the band's raucous, "we're having a good time and we don't give a f*ck" live shows, frontman Nate Newton (who also plays bass in Converge) and his band of merry men don't booze during band practice. "I don't even drink [at all]," Newton told Noisecreep in a recent interview. "I just blew everybody's perceptions, probably, by saying that."

The band-- Newton (who handles guitar and vocals) along with guitarist Chris Pupecki, bassist Jebb Riley (Disappearer), and drummer JR Conners (Cave In)-- don't party during their rehearsals "because everybody's gotta drive," explains Newton. "Everyone just wants to play-- we're just dudes that are addicted to playing music. We just like turning up our guitars loud and making noise for awhile.

"Sometimes we don't even write songs. We'll just jam on a riff for three hours," Newton says with a laugh. "I'll look at my watch and I'm like 'holy shit, I've just been playing this riff for three hours!'"

Doomriders have three upcoming gigs in the Northeast, including a spot headlining Brooklyn Vegan's Black Bubblegum's Northside Fest showcase on June 14. Also on board for that show: Zoroaster, Clouds, Sourvein, Javelina, and more.

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