Dew Scented will release their eighth studio album since 1992, 'Invocation,' via Prosthetic Records in the U.S. on May 25. Guitarist Michael Borchers gave Noisecreep an exclusive studio update, saying, "We did a full pre-production this time around, and following a strict time plan, the recordings started early February at Soundlodge Studios with one week of drums. Marc played fast, in any way, doing a tight job, his kick and the click [of the metronome] would sometimes conflate into one indistinguishable noise." The band finished tracking drums a day ahead of schedule.

With the beats laid, the band moved onto the rhythm guitars and that's when a little tension ensued. "We decided to let each guitarist finish his whole job before switching," Botchers said. "It was a little bit of a blue-eyed decision afterward. Instead of taking a break, both guitarists made use of the remaining evenings, discussing and writing down every single note of all the songs yet to come."

After a couple of days and after playing 10 hours a day, side effects started to become noticeable. "Besides physical wastage, we almost started to go for each other's throat," Borchers admitted. "That's why we decided to change strategy. I took some days off and Martin could finally become active." Then Leif tracked vocals, Alex tracked bass and the guitarists returned to work on final lead guitar tracks.

Borchers said that 'Invocation' won't begin with a blast beat this time out. "We will have an intro, a real monumental one," he said. "Actually, we have a couple of instrumental passages on 'Invocation' but don't worry. We left enough space for music and words." Borchers said that Michael provided "some heavy back up shouts" for Leif. Additionally, the band invested in experimentation, too. "It will make some parts sound more melodic, progressive, maybe psychedelic, modern but stil old school, if all this is possible, anyway!?" Borchers said.

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