Want a taste of 'Grace?' Well, you're going to get it, as Devin Towsnend, the mad scientist of metal, is prepping the release of the 'Retinal Circus' CD + DVD set. He has generously shared a preview of the release with fans.

The footage was filmed in the fall of 2012 at the Roundhouse in London and it boasts a three-hours-and-counting performance, covering the entire spectrum of Townsend's career. He was backed by a full choir and a theatrical cast, surrounded by plenty of audio and visual accoutrements. There were special guests and circus performances.

"So closing in on 8 months of work, we're almost finished with the 'Retinal Circus,'" Townsend said in a statement. "It's been a huge amount of work for everyone, from the show, down to DVD & Blu-ray authoring, artwork, logistics ... (not to mention the show itself!) but we're almost there, and when watched in its entirety, it's really a heck of an experience!"

While he has been toiling tirelessly over the details of this release, he's now ready to share a preview clip! Townsend says, "To tie [sic] you over until it's out, here's a clip of the song 'Grace.' It's out of context obviously, but hopefully gives you a vague idea of what's about to come out. It's been a ton of work for everybody and we're really quite proud of it ... When the final products have been produced, we'll let you know! Fun! Whew!!!""

The clip features Anneke Van Giersbergen, a frequent collaborator. It's pretty epic and fully entertaining, since so much is going on. There's lots and lots and lots of sparks.

If you dig Devin, then don't delay in grabbing this when it lands. The North American release date is up in the air right now. But it will be available as a 2DVD/2 CD digipack in multiple configurations, including standard 2-disc DVD; standard 1-disc Blu-Ray; standard 2-CD audio; special edition 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD box set; diehard deluxe fan box including 2-DVD/1-Blu Ray/2-CD. The full details of the latter's contents will be revealed soon.