After wrapping up a stint on Gigantour, Device have unleashed the video for the song 'You Think You Know' from their self-titled debut album. Like their first video 'Vilify,' this one was also directed by P.R. Brown.

'You Think You Know' is a performance video, but it's anything but typical. All sorts of visual effects are used to distort and duplicate and warp the band members, who are pictured in black and white. Splashes of color (mainly red) appear behind them from time to time, with quick edits adding to the trippy feel of the video.

What's the meaning behind the song?  In a video (watch below), frontman David Draiman says the track serves as a two-sided statement.

He explains, "One, it's giving people a heads-up as to what their impressions might have been of what this body of work or this project would be, and kind of giving them an awareness that it is something entirely unique and different in its own right. But from a pure lyrical inspiration it came from a hundred relationships that I've been in in the past, situations where your significant other or your partner in the relationship has their own unique perception of reality."

Device have been on tour supporting the album all spring and summer, and show no signs of slowing down. Their upcoming concert schedule includes more U.S. dates through mid-September. Then, in November, they'll head overseas for about a month's worth of shows in Europe. They are also booked on the Shiprocked Cruise in January of 2014.

Watch David Draiman Discuss the Meaning of 'You Think You Know'